ALBA NOVA™ The ORIGINAL "SHE WEE" ShePee Female Urinal

AKA: ALBA NOVA's Female Urination Device (FUD)


When You Need to Go - on the Go!


  • Travel Urination Device & Pee Funnel for Ladies
  • Great for Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activities
  • Handy for Late Pregnancy and Post Surgery
  • Comes with Discreet Carry Bag, Instructions and Handy Metal Clip
Why Would I Need a SheWee | She Pee?

1. Convenience Anywhere & Anytime

Skip the toilet queues and forget about squatting in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy the outdoors even more and stop having to worry about your next toilet break. Designed to be super easy to use, leak-free, hygienic and portable, ALBA NOVA’s Female Urination Device (FUD) is any woman's new favourite travel companion.
It's also great for those long and late car journeys that you're dreading - say "no more" to sitting on filthy public toilets!

2. Camper's Best Friend
Planning a weekend trip, backpacking around the world or going to a Festival? Avoid having to bear your bum to the wilderness, or having to sit down on un-hygienic toilets! Simply pack our light and flexible device and you can enjoy the freedom of standing to pee like men. Drip & splash free to keep your jeans dry. Shake it off, clean it and pack it into the hygienic and discreet carry bag to be used again and again.

3. Flexible Silicon

Easy to clean and prevents odor. It can be easily folded to save space in your bag, pocket or car glove box. The special arched design feels gentle on skin and protects from unwanted splashes.

4. Surgery and Pregnancy
ALBA NOVA’s Urination Funnel is also used to help post surgery complications, which can make mobility and sitting on a toilet difficult when at home or outdoors. It also makes it easier to pee standing up for women in late pregnancy that need to use the toilet more frequently, easing back pain significantly.

5. Stepped Design

You can use a toilet or simply fill up any sized water bottle due to the special stepped design. This unique design makes it easy for the device to be safely and securely inserted into any bottle. Forget about never-ending queues or having to hold your pee for the next service station 100 miles away. Go whenever you want!

6. Hygienic Travel Bag
Also Included is a travel bag and a sanitised delivery bag to keep your device discreet and odour free at all times. Trusted by thousands of happy customers, ALBA NOVA's FUD will travel the distance with you. Never again will you have to hover over a nasty public toilet, queue for the revolting Festival Porta Loos or or be reliant on the next service station toilet. You can now stand to pee and go without worrying about your health and hygiene.

Features & Details:
* PEE FREELY: When you gotta go, you gotta go! This leak-free, reusable urinator device makes doing your business a breeze - from porta potties, public bathrooms, to the great outdoors
* EASY TO USE: Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear. The long urinary neck and tip is shaped for easy aiming - no wet clothes or shoes!
* ENJOY THE SAME CONVENIENCE AS MEN: Stand, aim and fire in seconds without having to bear your butt, strip off layers of clothing
* SUPER SANITARY: This water-repellent device is easy to prevent odors and can be shaken dry simply with water and soap

* BUILT TO GO THE DISTANCE: Durable, light, & portable to make the perfect camping, hiking and backpacking accessory. Easy to store in the glove compartment of your car or in your hand bag!


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ALBA NOVA Outdoor Ladies She Wee Portable Female Urinal Device

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